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Dear Ester,

Now, I can call you "Ester" because for us, you are today part of our lives, our family.

The words do not come to say what we are grateful.

There are ten months, LOU was hypotonic , today LOU takes a few minutes standing alone.

Your work is almost for us a "miracle".

Thank you very much for :

Your level of competence,
your kindness,                                AVP 156

Your patient,

Your passion,

To share your experience and your knowledge with us, parents,

Your wonderful words of winsdom,

Your sens of humor,

We passed in our last stay in Toronto from goods moments unforgettable sets, we have provided joy had tears, some crasy laughter, sometime disappointments. But  to see you , Ester, explode joy before the LOU 's progress, has been for us, a hope sure, an incredible comfort.

The only think I regret that grandfather's LOU is no longer the world to see LOU 's progress today.

We will not  tell enougth, Ester, we tell you simply, like we saying in France.

Merci, Merci et chapeau bas !!!
Valérie, Eric et LOU   

(sorry for my bad english)

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